Now you can price and sell your own content.


Audience - Meet and interact with users easily

KanalApp provides a two-way communication between you and your audience. You can post general content or respond to specific content requests from users.

On the other hand, users can broadcast a request publicly for any Publisher to respond or target their request to a specific publisher.

Content – Create easily on mobile

KanalApp makes it easy for you to create and deliver content in various formats: text, photo, recording, video, location etc.

No matter which format you select, you are able to customize, streamline and deliver your content to your users via KanalApp.

Distribution - Deliver content easily

KanalApp easily delivers your content to the people who value it.

In KanalApp, you not only can meet your relevant audience but also can share your content easily with potential buyers –in a way that is harder to copy and paste.

Feedback – Get feedback from your users easily

KanalApp helps you to get a handle on how customers view your content. Right after a user pays for your content, a two-way communication becomes available.

Moreover, there is an integrated rating/comment and referral system.


KanalApp provides a fast and easy payment system with no need for credit card information. The payment appears in Profile>Finances section. You no longer need for an additional proofs of payment to reconcile payments from buyers.

Refunds are also fast and easy, just with one click.


KanalApp has a built-in wallet in Profile>Finances section. You will have full access to your finances in order to better analyse and plan sales and your finances.

You won’t need Excel.

Cost Efficiency

KanalApp does not ask for any start up fee or any upfront investment. There is no maintenance fee or annual fee either.

Once you start your profile, you are ready to go.

KanalApp offers 70% (you) – 30% revenue (us) share of net, which is significantly higher than that offered by similar platforms.


We make money only if you make money. Our interests are well aligned.

KanalApp plans to contribute growth of your content sales by affiliate programs as well as in- house promotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

PLEASE READ KanalApp terms & conditions , which prevail over this FAQ and will be updated frequently.

What’s in it for me?

If you’re a content creator/publisher, you will have a unique platform to reach your audience and charge for your content. It’s like opening a store on the busiest high street. KanalApp will act both as a promotion and sales tool. The good news is; there is no entry, set-up or maintenance fee.

If you’re a viewer/subscriber, you will have the unique opportunity to make a request for any type of content that is of value to you. You have the freedom to quote a price for the item you need. The communication and transaction both take place between you and the content creator.

What can I publish at KanalApp?

Your content could vary from a single article to a piece of music you wrote. You could be a photographer, fashion blogger, astrolog, betting tipster, storyteller or filmmaker. Or you could be the hard working student who has the best and most updated class notes. You set the scope of content that you want to sell. There are no limits to the means of creativity in this platform.

Can users send specific content requests to me?

Yes. Users will price the request. Such price cannot be lower than the mimimum request price you set. You have the option to accept and send the requested content or you can reject the request.

How will followers communicate with me? How will I communicate with my followers?

Once your viewer becomes a buyer, in other words, buys your content, s/he can communicate with you within that particular post through comments.

Once you make a post within KanalApp, your followers will be notified on their mobile device.

What price can I put on my content?

Any reasonable price starting from USD 0.01.

Best to price with a view to maximize your long term profits. Lower prices have more appeal unless you are infinitely famous. Some trial runs will give you a better idea. You cannot change the price of a post later on.

How does the user pay on KanalApp?

Payments are done by in-app purchase on both Apple App Store, and Google Play Store. No need for credit cards.

When do I get paid?

Before the end of the calendar month following the month in which the sale of your content was made.

Is it reliable? How do I know my content is not copied?

Until a user becomes a buyer (of your content), your content is being protected so that it can not be viewed in any means.

Can I unpublish content that I have published?

Yes. With one click.

Can I shut off requests to be sent to me?

Yes. Again with one click on Profile Settings page.

Are there any restrictions on content to be shared?

There are no limitations on format. Content shared and sold on KanalApp should be moral, legal and ethical: PLEASE READ KanalApp terms & conditions, which will be updated frequently.

Needless to say, you should have all copyrights associated with your content to be able to sell it on KanalApp.

How do I create and post my content on KanalApp?

You can create and post your content in the form of a text, voice, photo, video or any combination of these, uploaded as a single “post”.

How will I manage my sign-up process?

It will take you less than a minute to sign in and start publishing posts and collecting payments. PLEASE REFER to our terms and conditions for detailed information on payments, especially for minimum amounts and collection periods.

What am I selling when “I sell my content” on KanalApp?

When the sale is finalised; as a Publisher, you are a giving the buyer a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable 1 (one) year license for personal use only, to personally view that specific Paid Content on the same single device owned by the buyer of your content. PLEASE READ KanalApp terms & conditions, which will be updated frequently.

How much do I make?

You will get 70% of net revenue from sales of your content, after all costs, charges, fees have been deducted, such as Apple App Store commissions of 30%, VAT, withholding taxes, and all other charges, payments and taxes relating to your content, as well as after currency exchange adjustments. Purely as an indication and not as a commitment or undertaking by KanalApp, as a publisher, you should be able to get somewhere around 30-50% of your gross sales of your content, before taxes.

How will I control my finances?

You can control your finances at one place simply and professionally. You will be able to monitor your sales and earnings from posts as well as your responses to requests through our wallet tool. This control will serve as a guide for your upcoming posts and shape your content strategy.

No more getting lost in Excel and going through endless bank account details.

Can I publish free content?

Yes. In fact, we encourage you to put up free posts so that potential buyers understand the type of content that you (can) produce.

Can I make refunds on KanalApp?

Yes. With one click.

Can I refuse to respond to requests sent to me?


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